Day 14 – Return of the Wifi

And the wifi is back at home! Whoop!

Bit unsettling how much I rely on it these days… Like it truely is something you don’t realise how much you use, until you have to switch over to your phone’s 3g 

But yeah once again it is getting late (28 minutes to finish this post) and I am frantically typing away. I really nees to work on my planning for these things.

As I was typing this date out, I just noticed that tomorrow will be the half way mark to completion of this challenge.

Still not sure how I’m going to end this thing off, though I have a few ideas based around some of the reoccurring themes that seem to crop up in my posts (late minute typing, book and or greek myth references, talk about Austin/HK etc). We will see though! 

Been thinking (or more accurately worrying) about my uni scores (coming out soon) and just my general life goals and where I will be in 5 years time a lot in the past few days

Not sure why, I guess it is a combination of meeting old secondary school friends and realising that I am not a kid anymore. Like my future is quite literally in my own hands and I can’t really rely on those childhood fantasies of hidden innate talent or a dream of being famous without effort now.

And that I am behind, like so many other people my age not only have done something, they’ve succeeded ans made a carreer out of it. Heck many people younger than me have won olympic medals or acted in shows that will continue to be seen years from now. 

In comparison, I’ve… gotten into uni I guess? Doesn’t seem the same does it…

I don’t know, it seems like all the young adult fiction books have the heroes doing something fantastic with their lives by the time they turn 16 or 18 at the latest, no one really talks about being there at the cusp of adulthood and teenager years. Maybe I just need to read more books XP

Well I’m running out of time (11 min now) and still need to put tags on this thing! More tomorrow!



Day 10- Myths & Things Non-cubers say

House got hit with lightning yesterday and fried a bunch of stuff… including the modem. 😯

Which means no wifi at home until it gets fixed, so I’m at a library right now, probably going to finish up 2 posts and schedule the second to publish tomorrow.

Zeus / Jupiter apparently is not pleased with my Rubik’s cube posts… so what better thing to do than to make more of them!

Myths about cubing (quick fire round):

  • You must be good at math to solve a cube. Nope, no math is involved!
    • A social recluse? No.
    • A prodigy? No.
    • Asian? N…Well okay I am, but its not a requirement. Anyone, and I mean anyone can learn how to do it with enough patients and a guide.
  • Scrambling for longer makes solving it harder. It only takes ~30 random moves to be properly scrambled. Its fine if the same colors are side by side, most do.
  • Blindfolded solvers are just feeling the stickers.  Nope, they memorize the cube ( I haven’t been able to do it yet, since it evolves knowing full OLL but hoping to in the future)

Things Non-cubers say:

  • Why bother? Just peel off the stickers like I did!
    • * forced laughter * Why do people do/joke about this… not only is it impractical and destroys the cube, but I have heard it so many times now that its just not funny. If you really want a complete cube without solving it, either take it apart completely or download a cube solving app.
  • I was once playing with it and magically solved it!
    • …. Hope I don’t have to explain why this is bull.. Hint: 1/43,252,003,274,489,856,000
  • Once I got 5 sides of the cube, but darn it, that one elusive side just wouldn’t…
    • Impossible. If you have 5 sides, the last one MUST be solved. In fact, 3 faces is usually restrictive enough for a solved cube. Also we solve by pieces (corners and edges, centers on a 3x3x3 don’t move no mater how you turn), not faces.
  • What’s your fastest time?
    • Good question! Currently for a single solve on the 3x3x3 its 33.69 seconds, with my average hovering just under 40 seconds (unofficial, I haven’t joined any WCA events and I don’t really time my solves for the other ones)
  • Pshht. I know a friend who can regularly solve it in like 5 seconds!
    • No you don’t. Full stop. Current record is average is 6.39 seconds, so if they solve it under that time, they are cheating or they are a record holder and it was an easy solve.
  • Stop cheating by looking at me scramble! *Hides behind back*
    • Looking at you scramble doesn’t help me solve it, since I’m not memorizing your moves and reversing them.
  • *hands cube over* Go! *starts timer*
    • Official rules let us have 15 seconds to inspect the cube before we start turning the cube, please give us this time.
  • CATCH! *throws cube*
    • This is one that will REALLY piss off cubers. They aren’t Rubik’s brand cubes that can survive the drop, they are lighter, faster and more intricate. Our mains have been adjusted so that they are perfect for our turning style, and hold a ton of sentimental value. Please don’t do this. If you do, don’t be surprised when I don’t let you scramble my puzzles in the future.

Well, that’s all for now! Tomorrow, (if it posts properly that is, if not I’ll do two posts when my wifi back home is up) I’ll be talking about how I got started in this hobby to wrap up this trilogy. See you then!