Day 3- Completely Unproductive

Completely unproductive…

That just about describes my day.

Honestly I am not sure what I should be posting here…


I’ve got nothing.


I noticed that there is a Daily Prompt thing that WordPress has, but today’s one is… meh.. “Puncture”.

What am I supposed to do with that?

So instead, I’m using a random prompt generator to come up with questions and go rapid fire questions to meet the word count.

Ready? Set? Go!


What does getting old mean to you?

Odd question. But I guess to me, it means gaining more control over my spare time toward a meaningful goal or something I enjoy. Not sure what I will do after university, but I’m sure I’ll figure something out by then. (Fingers crossed!)


What are you looking forward to?

Getting my scores for my spring semester of university. I’m sure I did okay, but I really want to know so that I can start planning for exchange in y3.


Write a letter to yourself age 16

I’m going to skip this one for now, since it feels like a topic that requires much more then what I have now, plus more thinking and planning.


Who has changed your life, and how?

Now, I was going to write about family but that seems cliché. I feel as though I’m too young so far to comment on this… I guess at the moment, its a former math teacher’s saying “ Where there is a will, there is a way”


Describe your bedroom in detail.

Well in 10 words: messy, cluttered and too many projects started, too few finished


How does the weather affect your mood?

A bit counter intuitive, but I feel as though I am more cheerful when it rains than when it is sunny. Possibly because I’m from Texas and live in HK now, where blue skies and sun usually signals too hot to function outside for extended periods and sun burns. Rain on the other hand is super soothing at night and just much more relaxing.


Well that should be enough words. Maybe I’ll do another rapid fire questions post again since it was quite fun!

For future reference link HERE to prompt generator