Day 2 – Time limits, Nostalgia & Assassins

Okay, the time now is 11:11pm on Tuesday night. I have less than 50 minutes to type, review and submit this post to meet the deadline, so here goes nothing!

I should probably think about having some posts or topics prewritten and ready to submit so that I am not in the same situation in the future, typing like the wind and trying to come up with a topic off the top of my head.

Reason I didn’t do this earlier is that I was volunteering at a Toybank today with HandsOn Hong Kong, and didn’t get back until a few minutes ago (okay that is a bit of a fib, I ate dinner at McDonalds before coming home – super unhealthy but incredibly convenient. Side note, Mc D’s has a free sundae with meals bought after like 7… weird… anyways)

I continue to be amazed at how much energy and enthusiasm kids have, like playing monkey in the middle for nearly 30 min straight and still being able to run around, scream and riffle through the toys. Even with another volunteer (shout out to Ophelia) it still felt draining after we finished the whole shift. Not that it is a criticism, I was like that when I was little (in fact, probably worse) but it gives me a greater appreciation for all the parents, teachers and adults who put up with me then.

I understand now, sorry for that. 😛

Sort of feeling nostalgic now… those were the days, removed from the stress of trying to figure out what to do next and how it is related to future goals or whatever. Well a bit, I guess its more melancholic then that, since freedom I have now, while liberating comes with the need to make responsible decisions, with no one else taking the fall if I fail to do so

Someone needs to make up a word for that feeling… just sayin’

Reminds me of that final monologue bit from Assassin’s Creed Unity by Arno (might also be because of the E3 trailer launch of AC: Origins today, which looks pretty cool but I digress). Would look it up but need time to spell check and come up with a title etc, so I’ll probably link to it later. But paraphrasing:

The creed “nothing is true and everything is permitted” doesn’t give us the permission to do whatever we want so choose, rather it serves as a warning, a caution, that only we can guard against our own faults, and decide whether our end goals carry too high of a cost.

Also seems to fit with the current political climate to be honest…

Normally, I would go off on a tangent here (it is the pondering papaya after all) but I am nearing 11:40pm mark now, so I’m going to abruptly end, briefly skim through to correct glaring issues and post.

Title makes this sound more exciting than this actually is, but I couldn’t think of something else, so I’m going with it.

More tomorrow!



Day 1 – Eye glasses & Typhoons

So what I forgot to mention yesterday was that I got my new glasses yesterday.  Yup.

Magical, absolutely magical.

Its a whole new world of clarity. Seriously. My eyesight sucks…

In fact, had my eyesight not been correctable with glasses, it would be over twice what would be classified as leagally blind… so there is a troubling thought…

How did people in the past survive without glasses?

I mean I suppose in the past there was less of a need for the ability to read things from a distance, given widespread illiteracy, lack of movement between places and the types of jobs that people held etc…

Also in the past there was probably less cases of myopia in the first place, given lack of artificial lighting so there is that as well… hmmm… something to ponder and think about I guess.

Quick research online say that they were invented in the 13th century…would have thought it was later than that, 16th -17th at the earliest, but I suppose that’s because they weren’t widely adopted til and eyeglasses for me are associated with the enlightenment era for some reason

Anyways, need to come up with something to pad out this post out to the word limit (regret setting it there but hey what can you do?). So in a nutshell:

Continuing my House of Cards Binge Watching Marathon.

Was going to attend my brother’s graduation, but that got canceled due to the storm warning.

Had a Beyond Burger (fake meat, actually not bad on the scale of fake meat) from Green Commons and an avocado smoothie (too rich for my taste, it was like a really thick milkshake without all the sweetness and sugar) at Urban Bread Works for lunch in Central

Now just typing this out, listening to a Hello Internet podcast (Hi Fellow Tims!) and waiting out Typhoon Merbok.

More tomorrow!