Day 15- Halfway point! (+ Brutalism?)

I really need to type these things out ahead of time, or at least have pre-made topics at the ready so that these aren’t so rambly and incoherent

So its 11:30pm right now, less than 30 minutes until I sort of fail this challenge (well, not really, I mean no one is really keeping track, just doing this for the fun of it, but still, feels a bit disingenuous to keep the day counter going up without actually posting once per day)

At the half way mark, so that is promising! Just 15 more days of this left before I complete the month of typing quickly and coming up with BS topics and stuff without editing or stopping for a minute.

So I just randomly picked a letter out of the alphabet ( got the letter B) and just thought of something random.

Since I spent the day moving our stuff from our old storage room to another new one (since our old one didn’t pass the fire inspection) and it has gotten me thinking about old concrete buildings, I for some reason have come up with Brutalism Architecture….

Thus here we go, Brutalism explained by a clearly not architect (in less than 5 minutes because it is 11:42 and I still need to do the tags and post the thing)


In short, it is the building style that I can only describe as a “concrete block” that arose following the end of WWII and ended in the mid-70’s that is seen in uni campuses everywhere. Basically, what a kid would draw if I said “tower block building”.


Of course looking at the wiki page, architecture people have managed to describe such a cold unsightly style of concrete as “raw” and “uncompromising, anti-bourgeois” which… okay maybe? Personally I feel that they just made that up as an excuse to call it “stylish” in order to build as many buildings as cheaply as possible following the war.


Then again I’m not artistic in the slightest, so maybe it does look good to some? I’m not sure…


Well better end it here! Thanks for listening to me ramble on and ponder random stuff for 15 days so far, here is to 15 more!




Day 14 – Return of the Wifi

And the wifi is back at home! Whoop!

Bit unsettling how much I rely on it these days… Like it truely is something you don’t realise how much you use, until you have to switch over to your phone’s 3g 

But yeah once again it is getting late (28 minutes to finish this post) and I am frantically typing away. I really nees to work on my planning for these things.

As I was typing this date out, I just noticed that tomorrow will be the half way mark to completion of this challenge.

Still not sure how I’m going to end this thing off, though I have a few ideas based around some of the reoccurring themes that seem to crop up in my posts (late minute typing, book and or greek myth references, talk about Austin/HK etc). We will see though! 

Been thinking (or more accurately worrying) about my uni scores (coming out soon) and just my general life goals and where I will be in 5 years time a lot in the past few days

Not sure why, I guess it is a combination of meeting old secondary school friends and realising that I am not a kid anymore. Like my future is quite literally in my own hands and I can’t really rely on those childhood fantasies of hidden innate talent or a dream of being famous without effort now.

And that I am behind, like so many other people my age not only have done something, they’ve succeeded ans made a carreer out of it. Heck many people younger than me have won olympic medals or acted in shows that will continue to be seen years from now. 

In comparison, I’ve… gotten into uni I guess? Doesn’t seem the same does it…

I don’t know, it seems like all the young adult fiction books have the heroes doing something fantastic with their lives by the time they turn 16 or 18 at the latest, no one really talks about being there at the cusp of adulthood and teenager years. Maybe I just need to read more books XP

Well I’m running out of time (11 min now) and still need to put tags on this thing! More tomorrow!


Day 13 – On the MTR

This might be my most extreme version of this post a day challenge ever… 

Had a lazy morning and spent all may day hanging out with my secondary school friends who are back from their unis in the UK. 

On my way home and just remembered that I haven’t typed anything today, with it being almost 11pm and no topic at hand.

So here I am, posting on the go, with the shuddering and swaying of the car while it whisks under the streets of Hong Kong (and under Victoria Harbor), looping my arm around a hand rail and just typing away (glad its not rush hour, HK ones are crazy!)

MTR by the way is the Hong Kong equivalent of the Metro/Subway in New York or the Underground/Tube in London.

Its seen a lot of changes during my time here so far. Two new line extentions, a new line, with a combined 10 brand new stations, but always carrying people on time from place to place.

This is starting to sound like an ad…. it isn’t, more like I’m trying to think of something, anything, to talk about.

I’m curious as so whether there is a term for the subtle things that make a city’s transport unique. Aesthetic, I guess?

Here are some of the unique features to the MTR in my mind, that are hard to convey through only pictures (which I will add later):

  • The cheerful “doot” sound as you pat your octopus card on the reader
  • The “Please hold the hand rails, don’t keep your eyes only on your mobile phone” warning on the escalators in Mandarin, Cantonese and British English. 
  • The free wifi in the stations
  • The strict no food or drinks rule thay make it extremely clean (at least in my experience compared to other ones around the world)
  • Quick transfers between trains, just a stream of people walking from one line to another
  • The vibrantly colored station walls, with subtle meanings (red are big interchange stations, some are hint to station names like 鑽石山 (Diamond Hill) being black with silver specks etc)
  • HK rush hours. They are really something special XP
  • The silent tutting of people behind you when you hold up the line at the ticket barrier

    Also uniquely it is the only subway system in the world that makes a profit without government subsadies (since they own the land around the stations, they can make money from store rent of the nearby shops)

    So yeah, a quick peek into this small part of HK life today. See you tomorrow (hopefully with fixed wifi)!


    Day 2 – Time limits, Nostalgia & Assassins

    Okay, the time now is 11:11pm on Tuesday night. I have less than 50 minutes to type, review and submit this post to meet the deadline, so here goes nothing!

    I should probably think about having some posts or topics prewritten and ready to submit so that I am not in the same situation in the future, typing like the wind and trying to come up with a topic off the top of my head.

    Reason I didn’t do this earlier is that I was volunteering at a Toybank today with HandsOn Hong Kong, and didn’t get back until a few minutes ago (okay that is a bit of a fib, I ate dinner at McDonalds before coming home – super unhealthy but incredibly convenient. Side note, Mc D’s has a free sundae with meals bought after like 7… weird… anyways)

    I continue to be amazed at how much energy and enthusiasm kids have, like playing monkey in the middle for nearly 30 min straight and still being able to run around, scream and riffle through the toys. Even with another volunteer (shout out to Ophelia) it still felt draining after we finished the whole shift. Not that it is a criticism, I was like that when I was little (in fact, probably worse) but it gives me a greater appreciation for all the parents, teachers and adults who put up with me then.

    I understand now, sorry for that. 😛

    Sort of feeling nostalgic now… those were the days, removed from the stress of trying to figure out what to do next and how it is related to future goals or whatever. Well a bit, I guess its more melancholic then that, since freedom I have now, while liberating comes with the need to make responsible decisions, with no one else taking the fall if I fail to do so

    Someone needs to make up a word for that feeling… just sayin’

    Reminds me of that final monologue bit from Assassin’s Creed Unity by Arno (might also be because of the E3 trailer launch of AC: Origins today, which looks pretty cool but I digress). Would look it up but need time to spell check and come up with a title etc, so I’ll probably link to it later. But paraphrasing:

    The creed “nothing is true and everything is permitted” doesn’t give us the permission to do whatever we want so choose, rather it serves as a warning, a caution, that only we can guard against our own faults, and decide whether our end goals carry too high of a cost.

    Also seems to fit with the current political climate to be honest…

    Normally, I would go off on a tangent here (it is the pondering papaya after all) but I am nearing 11:40pm mark now, so I’m going to abruptly end, briefly skim through to correct glaring issues and post.

    Title makes this sound more exciting than this actually is, but I couldn’t think of something else, so I’m going with it.

    More tomorrow!