Some Housekeeping!

As I am updating my various blogs, it occurs to me that there may be some overlap or confusion as to which each site is for. So here is just a quick overview of everything.

This website will serve as the “hub” if you will for everything (at least for now, who knows about the future). I might make this post a separate page, again depending on future stuff.

  • My (Rebecca’s) IB CAS Blog [No longer Updated]
    • As it says on the tin. Since I have graduated and completed IB already, it won’t be updated. It’s just there as an example of how to do CAS reflections for future IBers (as well as a badge of pride for me since it got to the front page of google :P) If only my other websites had that much love…
  • NerdyHistoryNotes Website {Not open to the public… yet}
    • A history resource website that I am working on in my free time. It was originally going to be focused on the IB curriculum, but since it recently changed, it is going to be a more general historiography website
  • NerdyHistoryNotes Blog
    • Development and Update blog for the main website. I’ll probably migrate the current weekly updates to another blog after the main website goes live, so that it is neater. Basically it it just hisoty related stuff for now.
  • A Pondering Papaya
    • My personal blog (and where you are now :P). These are just going to be my thoughts about random stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere else, since I don’t want any of my opinions to be put on any of the more “factual” sites. There isn’t really a theme here or a method to the madness, more of just me talking about stuff that I find interesting
  • hKUDOS 
    • This is my university’s student blog that I am a part of and contribute to. At the moment, I haven’t published anything on it (just got accepted this semester after all!) But that will change around March of this year. (and unlike my history websites, this deadline will actually be met regardless of school stuff :P).
    • Disclaimer: Note that my reflections on “A Pondering Papaya” are not reflective of my university’s thoughts etc. My writing at hKUDOS will be a bit different from the stuff here (ie more professional, actually edited, less wild etc). Just putting the link here since it is a blog I am a part of, but there will be no overlap between the two blogs as I will be keeping my personal stuff away from my professional stuff
  • Future projects ;P…?
    • Well, not at the moment, Uni is already keeping me busy enough at the moment. But all bets are off in the summer break though!

So yeah that’s it for now, just wanted to get this out there as a way for people who happen to stumble onto her a way of figuring out what is going on 😀