Day 10- Myths & Things Non-cubers say

House got hit with lightning yesterday and fried a bunch of stuff… including the modem. 😯

Which means no wifi at home until it gets fixed, so I’m at a library right now, probably going to finish up 2 posts and schedule the second to publish tomorrow.

Zeus / Jupiter apparently is not pleased with my Rubik’s cube posts… so what better thing to do than to make more of them!

Myths about cubing (quick fire round):

  • You must be good at math to solve a cube. Nope, no math is involved!
    • A social recluse? No.
    • A prodigy? No.
    • Asian? N…Well okay I am, but its not a requirement. Anyone, and I mean anyone can learn how to do it with enough patients and a guide.
  • Scrambling for longer makes solving it harder. It only takes ~30 random moves to be properly scrambled. Its fine if the same colors are side by side, most do.
  • Blindfolded solvers are just feeling the stickers.  Nope, they memorize the cube ( I haven’t been able to do it yet, since it evolves knowing full OLL but hoping to in the future)

Things Non-cubers say:

  • Why bother? Just peel off the stickers like I did!
    • * forced laughter * Why do people do/joke about this… not only is it impractical and destroys the cube, but I have heard it so many times now that its just not funny. If you really want a complete cube without solving it, either take it apart completely or download a cube solving app.
  • I was once playing with it and magically solved it!
    • …. Hope I don’t have to explain why this is bull.. Hint: 1/43,252,003,274,489,856,000
  • Once I got 5 sides of the cube, but darn it, that one elusive side just wouldn’t…
    • Impossible. If you have 5 sides, the last one MUST be solved. In fact, 3 faces is usually restrictive enough for a solved cube. Also we solve by pieces (corners and edges, centers on a 3x3x3 don’t move no mater how you turn), not faces.
  • What’s your fastest time?
    • Good question! Currently for a single solve on the 3x3x3 its 33.69 seconds, with my average hovering just under 40 seconds (unofficial, I haven’t joined any WCA events and I don’t really time my solves for the other ones)
  • Pshht. I know a friend who can regularly solve it in like 5 seconds!
    • No you don’t. Full stop. Current record is average is 6.39 seconds, so if they solve it under that time, they are cheating or they are a record holder and it was an easy solve.
  • Stop cheating by looking at me scramble! *Hides behind back*
    • Looking at you scramble doesn’t help me solve it, since I’m not memorizing your moves and reversing them.
  • *hands cube over* Go! *starts timer*
    • Official rules let us have 15 seconds to inspect the cube before we start turning the cube, please give us this time.
  • CATCH! *throws cube*
    • This is one that will REALLY piss off cubers. They aren’t Rubik’s brand cubes that can survive the drop, they are lighter, faster and more intricate. Our mains have been adjusted so that they are perfect for our turning style, and hold a ton of sentimental value. Please don’t do this. If you do, don’t be surprised when I don’t let you scramble my puzzles in the future.

Well, that’s all for now! Tomorrow, (if it posts properly that is, if not I’ll do two posts when my wifi back home is up) I’ll be talking about how I got started in this hobby to wrap up this trilogy. See you then!




Day 5- Recap (of sorts)

Like the Fates of Greek mythology, this post comes to you in three parts which constitutes a whole ( with each recap being vaguely related to the three’s roles in the myths)

( keep in mind that my Greek mythology knowledge comes from what I can remember from Percy Jackson and the Olympians + what I can google in 5 minutes, so it is probably very inaccurate and making a professor on the subject somewhere cringe… provided this blog ever gets that kind of traction, which is unlikely, but hey crazier things have happened this year, so I’m not ruling it out yet)

Clotho / Nona (“the spinner”)

aka the maiden that creates the string of life or in this case, creates the posts and on the projects I have

I’ve discovered tagging today. Well, not so much discovered as I have actually gotten around to doing it.

During that process I found one called postaday which pretty much compiles all the blogs posting every day, so I’ll be using that for this month of blogging.

I’m thinking about adding pictures in one way or another to this blog, since so far it suffers from the whole “wall o’text” thing, which makes for difficult reading (not that anyone at the moment is reading it, my view counter is still at 0)

Another group of things I’ve always meant to get started on in programming, OLL on the cube and  learning T-line short hand. Perhaps I should add it to my daily ritual, since this blogging thing seems to be going pretty decently? I’ll see..

If I do though, progress reports will probably go on this blog, since that seems to be a thing that gets me to start projects (think CAS blog in IB)

Lachesis / Decuma (“the apportioner”)

aka the matron that measures out and portions out the string of life, for me – the one that starts planning ahead for the upcoming uni semesters & figures out her direction in life

So far, I’m planning double majoring in History (B.A.) and Ecology & Biodiversity (B.S.) in university, while also going on exchange in year 3 and abroad at some time to work on my German. Which is a lot of stuff, but hey I’m going to try and take advantage of all I can here.

Still waiting for my grades for this semester since I need to know them to see where I can apply for exchange… Should be decent but it seems like it is taking forever…

There was a bug a few days ago that allowed some people to see their scores ahead of time, but by the time I got online they had patched it.

Different faculties have started posting course lists for next semester, and I am thinking about choosing:

  • History- Eating History: Food Culture from the 19th Century to the Present (HIST2077) and The United States before 1900 (HIST2015) for semester 2. Not sure about semester 1.
  • Biology – Though the list isn’t out yet it is easier since I still need to complete the pre-recs for it. Thinking about also adding a Biochemistry lab course, even though it isn’t required for this major
  • Common Core – Again this depends on the schedule so will probably be chosen last for me, but I still need a CCST and CCGL class here.

Not really sure what I will be doing after college, since while at first I was thinking about going into teaching, I’m not sure I want to spend all of my career there + from what I have read online, it is  a much tougher career than it is often made out to be with pay that isn’t that great.

Ideally, I’d be in a career that allows of flexible hours and travel, but I’ve yet to find one yet. Perhaps grad school, though again depends on GPA

Atropos / Morta (“the inevitable”)

aka the crone who cuts the thread of life, or my view on some of the characters House of Cards so far

Not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but currently mararthon-ing House of Cards. Currently I am on Season 2 Episode 5 (Chapter 18)

I’ll probably go in more depth later, but again we are running close to the deadline so quick rapid fire thoughts on just random things.

Frank – Gosh he is entertaining and manipulative AF. That train scene with Zoe + the recent quorum scene stand out to me… Man it is awesome to see him at work, whether

Claire – She and Frank are perfect for each other, both are manipulative and cunning in their own way that is just great to see unfold.

Blythe – love this guy, might be my favorite character, probably the only one so far that has stood up to Frank and notices his BS

Sharp – (not sure if this is correct but the new dem. party whip) I like her and see why Frank backed her, she has a can do spirit and while she whips votes in a very different way to Frank, she is just as persuasive. will be interesting to see where this character goes (hopefully

Tusk – Frank’s match for president Walker’s attention. Liked him in the earlier episodes when you could see his observant nature (Frank’s knocking on table etc), now he seems pushed aside a bit for Feng…

Feng – He’s not a native Chinese speaker… seriously it has a really thick accent and really noticeable that kinda takes me out of the moment. His assistant’s Chinese is great, but Feng himself… lets just say its for the best he sticks almost exclusively to English in his scenes

Lucas & Rachel – not sure what is going on with these, their plots seem forgettable at times, though sure they will become more interesting as season goes on.

Doug – stay away from Rachel man, just leave her alone to live out her life…

Meechum & Freddy – They are getting way to much time in the spotlight to not be key players later on

So that is all for now (this is probably the longest post I’ve written ever, I’m quite impressed!)

Until tomorrow,