Day 16 – Quick Letter to a Younger Me

Dear Past Me,

Specifically 16 year old me, for several reasons:

  1. You have just finished IGCSE and are starting the crazy world of IB… I pity you, and want to reassure you that: Yes you do get through it and go to university.
  2. 2014 was a pretty dang eventful year (Ebola, Sochi games, MH370 & 17, Occupy Central etc), but 2017 is… well Trump is president of the  US, the UK is fixing to leave the EU and I still have acne. On the plus side, I’ve run 10km in the Standard Charter Marathon. I’ll give you a second to recover from the shock, no I am not messing with you here.
  3. 3 years ago seems just far enough back that I could give myself good advice without causing a paradox that destroys the universe via a butterfly effect
  4. I needed something to write for this post a day challenge I’m doing on day 16. No, it is not for homework and yes, you do make a blog and write stuff to fill your summers with.

Since you probably think this is a hoax:

You own a green diary that you switch over to a blue diary on the 31st of December. You wrote down “Walking on Sunshine” as your favorite song (really? REALLY? I mean I we never claimed to have good taste in music but man…. oh wait cus from that episode of Supernatural… still though) and felt the need to tell me that your favorite kitchen smell (the heck?) is and I quote: ” COOKIES! :P” . You are in that “soo random lols” phase of my life aren’t you…

Yes I do have that diary on my lap now and am not-so-subtly judging you.

Sorry ’bout that, but hey you did call me an old fart and did write one of your pages in glittery freaking orange pen, getting the herpes of craft supplies on me… “not having another nearby pen” is not an excuse for booby trapping a diary. Jerk.

Anyways, to inject some positivity into this…

This is where I put advice isn’t it… huh. Never was any good at this, though I’ll still try (cus that is what you do dang it! You go off an try your hardest at any dang thing that comes your way.. ehem.)

*spoilers ahead I guess *

  • I don’t have any betting advice for you – just putting that out there first. Just don’t get involved with it, even if there is time travel involved
  • No, you still don’t have my life “sorted out” yet. I’m doing both by doubling in History and Biology in Uni- no no not ivy. You didn’t get in and besides would have been absolutely miserable there if you had. You end up going to HKU and having a blast so far, though don’t want to jinx it!
  • Listen more than you talk. You tend to miss a lots of things you would have noticed had you paid more attention, or lose things easily because you are so absent minded. Try to kick the habit early, it would be very helpful.
  • Your instincts are right. there are some jerks in the higher ups at school, especially after 2015 when a lot of the awesome teachers leave your school. Keep calm and carry on. Don’t get confrontational cus it is just going to get you pissed beyond belief and they won’t care. You will end up fine in the end despite some people pulling you down.
  • Keep in contact with your close friends. Even though they may go abroad to study, they still will give you good advise and their whatsapp messages will brighten almost any down day you might have.
  • Get out there more and challenge yourself more! Lots of things you try turn out well (such as that first aid thing you have been thinking about forever and finally do in 2015) and if they don’t, well you have learned from the experience!
  • Don’t stress out so much about things beyond your control or push yourself too much. You don’t turn out to be a mega super famous star actor, writer, athlete, whatever by 19, and that is fine, great even! Gives you more of a chance to spread out and learn about things that interest you. Compare yourself to yourself, not to others.

I suspect I’ve lost your attention by now so I’ll wrap this up (its getting late here as well).

Forgot to mention that the family is doing great: happy and healthy, which is the most important thing!

But yeah, hope this advice was helpful and that I prepared you somewhat for the years to come. Perhaps I will write a letter to future me some day, though that is for another time.

Good luck and all the best!

The Future 19 year old Rebecca


Day 0 – The Beginning

So this blog is surprisingly empty/quiet… Now normally I would just brush it off as “too busy” but really…?

Its summer.

I don’t have anything to do.

Quite literally.

In fact, I have been extremely unproductive.

So here we go, a new challenge to get me to populate my blog with some posts. Now, they won’t really be polished, they won’t be well thought out, actually it will be more rambling posts. But with that disclaimer out of the way… I’m gonna do it.

Blogging everyday for a month.

Yup.  Starting tomorrow (June 12, 2017) I am going to have a post on here everyday, until the 12th of July. At least 200 words, since that is a really low barrier to entry.


Well, in part because of the following:

  • It just occurred to me that this is my last summer as an official “teen”. Technically I am an adult now, but next summer I will officially have left my teenage years, and I still feel like I haven’t done much yet. Like if 12-year-old me were to visit Current me, they would be extremely disappointed that I have pretty much wasted my teenage years and haven’t idk, written a novel or gotten into an Ivy league school or whatever.
  • NASA just released their astronaut candidate list. Wow, these people have accomplished a lot in the span of a few years… If they can do that, I should be able to fill my summer with something other than binge watching all the tv shows ever from dusk til dawn
  • Improve my writing skills. I have noticed something during my first year of uni… I suck at writing quickly without a deadline. With a deadline, at least there is a target a goal to get stuff done by, but without one, I notice that I tend to leave things until they get pushed aside into the Pile of Incomplete projects. However, since I am part of a student blog now for my uni, this is something that I need to get better at.
  • What else am I going to do during my summer?


So there is that.

One goal, Two hundred words a day, Three ( x ten) days in a row.

Let’s do this thing! 😀

Hello World!

So this is going to be the start of my new blog, chronicling the University life adventure, events, random pondering from me, Rebecca.

Papaya, by the way, is a childhood nickname of mine, hence the blog title, as I couldn’t think of anything else that wasn’t already taken. Curse my very popular name! (Just kidding, I think it is more my lack of creativity than anything) 🙂

I am not a stranger to the world of blogging, in fact I am the proud owner another blog that I did during my IB years for CAS reflections. You might have heard of it before if you do IB, since it reached the front page of google for “IB CAS blog”.

This blog will be far less organised than that blog.

For one, I’m pretty sure no one will read this blog that is super important, unlike my old blog that was read by IB and CAS coordinators, CAS supervisors, IBO people, University admissions etc.

I mean conceivably a future employer or two may stumble upon this, but I don’t think they will care much about the ramblings of an 18 year old teen/young adult. Hopefully by the time I leave university I will have a more professional website (or, more unlikely, I will have accomplished enough by then that no one really cares about my credentials and accepts me automatically 😛 )

And secondly, this isn’t required so I’m just going to be posting whatever I feel like for the day. Given my track record for finishing things that have no deadlines, that probably means around every 3 months or so… Yup. It will be that kind of blog (for the time being, not sure about the future)

But hey, the other one helped me reach morem goals, who knows about this one?

That is all for now! See ya later.