Day 1 – Eye glasses & Typhoons

So what I forgot to mention yesterday was that I got my new glasses yesterday.  Yup.

Magical, absolutely magical.

Its a whole new world of clarity. Seriously. My eyesight sucks…

In fact, had my eyesight not been correctable with glasses, it would be over twice what would be classified as leagally blind… so there is a troubling thought…

How did people in the past survive without glasses?

I mean I suppose in the past there was less of a need for the ability to read things from a distance, given widespread illiteracy, lack of movement between places and the types of jobs that people held etc…

Also in the past there was probably less cases of myopia in the first place, given lack of artificial lighting so there is that as well… hmmm… something to ponder and think about I guess.

Quick research online say that they were invented in the 13th century…would have thought it was later than that, 16th -17th at the earliest, but I suppose that’s because they weren’t widely adopted til and eyeglasses for me are associated with the enlightenment era for some reason

Anyways, need to come up with something to pad out this post out to the word limit (regret setting it there but hey what can you do?). So in a nutshell:

Continuing my House of Cards Binge Watching Marathon.

Was going to attend my brother’s graduation, but that got canceled due to the storm warning.

Had a Beyond Burger (fake meat, actually not bad on the scale of fake meat) from Green Commons and an avocado smoothie (too rich for my taste, it was like a really thick milkshake without all the sweetness and sugar) at Urban Bread Works for lunch in Central

Now just typing this out, listening to a Hello Internet podcast (Hi Fellow Tims!) and waiting out Typhoon Merbok.

More tomorrow!