Day 4 – WordPress the App

It’s 10pm ish right now and I’m still out with my family after attending my brother’s graduation ceremony (the one that was canceled earlier this week due to Merbok – see day 1 post here.)

But beacuse I have once again left writing on this blog til the last few hours of the day (bad procrastination habits die hard…), and probably won’t reach a laptop until after 12, I thought I’d try something new and post from my phone for a change!

Since I don’t have a word counter on hand, I have no idea when I will reach the word limit (well, target really) so eyeballing and hoping for the best.

If it does end up short, I’ll make up for it somehow in the future.

Anyways, I am quite impressed by the app to be perfectly honest! From downloading to signing in and typing away, it has taken me no more than 5 minutes tops, which is pretty impressive, especially compared to most apps from the Google play store

The interface is clean and minimalistic which is nice. Not sure if its saving as I’m typing, so a bit afraid to exit out on the off chance it isnt and I lose all I’ve typed so far…

Huh, this review kinda sucks, perhaps I should have messed around with the functions more before starting my post…

Update: So just got home with 40 min left. Messing around with the app, I’ve noticed:

  • There is no strikethrough or underline functions. Not a deal breaker but a bit annoying, though html is still an option
  • It is really easy to switch between blogs or create new posts/pages + all the drafts are avalible so you can pick up where you left off
  • In order to view what your blog looks like, you need to exit the app and see it through your phone browser 😦
  • The reader function is still there (so there is access to the daily prompts), as is the ability to customize what your blog theme is (though runs into the above issue)

Overall, its a great app for making on the fly posts or drafting some ideas, even some basic customization or settings tweeking, but it by no means is a replacement for the desktop version.

That should be more than enough words so bye until tomorrow!