Day 15- Halfway point! (+ Brutalism?)

I really need to type these things out ahead of time, or at least have pre-made topics at the ready so that these aren’t so rambly and incoherent

So its 11:30pm right now, less than 30 minutes until I sort of fail this challenge (well, not really, I mean no one is really keeping track, just doing this for the fun of it, but still, feels a bit disingenuous to keep the day counter going up without actually posting once per day)

At the half way mark, so that is promising! Just 15 more days of this left before I complete the month of typing quickly and coming up with BS topics and stuff without editing or stopping for a minute.

So I just randomly picked a letter out of the alphabet ( got the letter B) and just thought of something random.

Since I spent the day moving our stuff from our old storage room to another new one (since our old one didn’t pass the fire inspection) and it has gotten me thinking about old concrete buildings, I for some reason have come up with Brutalism Architecture….

Thus here we go, Brutalism explained by a clearly not architect (in less than 5 minutes because it is 11:42 and I still need to do the tags and post the thing)


In short, it is the building style that I can only describe as a “concrete block” that arose following the end of WWII and ended in the mid-70’s that is seen in uni campuses everywhere. Basically, what a kid would draw if I said “tower block building”.


Of course looking at the wiki page, architecture people have managed to describe such a cold unsightly style of concrete as “raw” and “uncompromising, anti-bourgeois” which… okay maybe? Personally I feel that they just made that up as an excuse to call it “stylish” in order to build as many buildings as cheaply as possible following the war.


Then again I’m not artistic in the slightest, so maybe it does look good to some? I’m not sure…


Well better end it here! Thanks for listening to me ramble on and ponder random stuff for 15 days so far, here is to 15 more!