I walked 50km today… let’s talk about that!

Well, "today" in quotation marks because I'm pre-writing and scheduling this post on the day I'm doing HKU's Trail Walker Challenge, where I will be walking 50km with a bunch of people. Since the event starts at 8:00am and I need to get there by 7 ish I won't have time to write anything in … Continue reading I walked 50km today… let’s talk about that!


Nanowri-uh-o ~ Day #2

Short update today since I've had a long school day today and am going to be helping out with HKU's info day tomorrow. Today I've been catching up on the student blogging challenge commenting, since I am a bit behind on them. So cool to see all these different bloggers from around the world being … Continue reading Nanowri-uh-o ~ Day #2