Day 7- Blossom: A rose by any other name

Originally I had planned to carry on from yesterday’s post with a post about the world of speed cubing but this prompt was so good I couldn’t pass it up (due to timezone it is technically the June 17 one but whatever). Indulge a novice blogger will you?

Daily Post Prompt Here


Such a simple word that evokes such differing thoughts depending on how it is interpreted by an outside observer.

As a floral emblem or symbol of location?

It reminds me of bluebonnets, Texas’s state flower, that dotted the Austin highways in numbers that seemed magical to the little eyes of a young girl and the LBJ wildflower center alongside the red Indian paintbrushes, pink-purple cone flowers and bright yellow sunflowers at a place lovingly nicknamed “ 我們家第二個後花園”(our home’s second back garden)

Or perhaps the Bauhinia orchid tree with its pink blossoms, the emblem of Hong Kong, where I moved to and currently live, that lovingly adorns the city’s flag and coins. Its the name of the hotel we first stayed at when we moved and one stood guard near the bus stop I got off at to go to school every morning in secondary.

Blossom 1
Image Source (Clockwise from left): 1, 2, 3, 4, 56

How about in creating nostalgia?

I remember my childhood home’s garden, with its the sweet smell of jasmine flowers planted near the trash can and recycle bin to mask any foul odors.

Or the tiger lillys, whose dried stalks made for excellent sword fighting material against my little brother ( they snap more easily then twigs or sticks so they ).

The dandilions that I used to mess with on my walk home from elementary school with my brother (before our mother scolded us for it, since it meant more weeding work in the hot sun for someone).

The tiny orchid that my mom gave me for my birthday when we first moved to Hong Kong (which I accidentally killed, because unlike my mom, I do not have a green thumb at all)

Blossom 2
Image source (Anti-clockwise from top): 12, 34

What about as metaphor for historic moments of protest?

More recently, with the yellow umbrella’s blossoming in the face of adversary as thousands of people (including myself) gathered on the streets of Hong Kong during the 2014 Umbrella Revolution/ Occupy Central with Love and Peace (sounds better in Chinese: 和平佔中) to call for true universal suffrage and protest Beijing’s influence in Hong Kong elections

And in the past, with Mao’s Hundred Flowers Campagin which called for a hundred flowers to blossom and a hundred schools of thought contend. (You know, right before he cracked down on anyone who was outspoken against the regieme with the Anti-rightist Campaign)

How about blossom in the purest form the biological and botanical?

With the study of different phylums of plants, and how even though flowering plants may all fall under Angiosperms, they are still incredibly diverse with over several hundred thousand species of monocots, eudicots, basal plants etc, with many not just being important for their looks, but for their medicinal, ecological, economic, nutritional etc uses as well

Blossom 3
Image source (Anticlockwise starting from top left):123


What’s in a name?

Does it matter if we call a blossom 茉莉花, Jasminum officinale or its by common name, Jasmine? 蘭花, Orchidaceae or Orchids?


We are the ones who give the blossom’s their meaning, not an arbitrary number of character strokes or squiggles placed in a specific order. A flower holds in itself a certain beuty that we ourselves associate with a story, a message, a tale.


Because “that which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.”

Romeo & Juliet, Act II, Scene II [1]

And with that final quote from Shakespeare, I leave you dear readers – all 9 of you guys at time of writing

(thanks by the way, really appreciate it, though not really sure why you are following a blog that has neither rhyme nor reason to the content it posts).

Until tomorrow!




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    1. Thanks very much, glad you liked it! 😀 I talk about the a bit origin of my blog name in my first ever post: , though now that I think about it, that should really go in the about page section… I’ll probably change that later.

      Again, thanks for stopping by!

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