Hello World!

So this is going to be the start of my new blog, chronicling the University life adventure, events, random pondering from me, Rebecca.

Papaya, by the way, is a childhood nickname of mine, hence the blog title, as I couldn’t think of anything else that wasn’t already taken. Curse my very popular name! (Just kidding, I think it is more my lack of creativity than anything) 🙂

I am not a stranger to the world of blogging, in fact I am the proud owner another blog that I did during my IB years for CAS reflections. You might have heard of it before if you do IB, since it reached the front page of google for “IB CAS blog”.

This blog will be far less organised than that blog.

For one, I’m pretty sure no one will read this blog that is super important, unlike my old blog that was read by IB and CAS coordinators, CAS supervisors, IBO people, University admissions etc.

I mean conceivably a future employer or two may stumble upon this, but I don’t think they will care much about the ramblings of an 18 year old teen/young adult. Hopefully by the time I leave university I will have a more professional website (or, more unlikely, I will have accomplished enough by then that no one really cares about my credentials and accepts me automatically 😛 )

And secondly, this isn’t required so I’m just going to be posting whatever I feel like for the day. Given my track record for finishing things that have no deadlines, that probably means around every 3 months or so… Yup. It will be that kind of blog (for the time being, not sure about the future)

But hey, the other one helped me reach morem goals, who knows about this one?

That is all for now! See ya later.